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Art in an age of Crisis

Art Action UK started the Residency project as a response to the 2011 Disaster in North East Japan which triggered the Fukushima nuclear fallout.  We are now open for 2018 – our 7th residency project.

We are calling for an artist / curator/ researcher, based in Japan and directly/ indirectly involved in the ongoing situation Post 3.11, to come and discuss and share experiences with a UK audience. Our aim is to foster cross-cultural interaction between people in the creative industries. This year, we are planning to deliver a symposium in early September in Central London, to which the Residency participant is expected to contribute. There is no plan of an exhibition for the residency artist, however there is an opportunity to present your practice during this symposium.

Who can apply?
An artist / curator/ researcher who has been directly or indirectly involved in the ongoing situation in the Fukushima area, and who’s work seeks to engage with the issues this has raised. There are no restrictions on genre, age, nationality or gender. However you need to be prepared to share your experience and communicate in English. There is an interpretation service between Japanese and English if needed for public occasions, but this services is limited to the presentation during the symposium.  Basic English language will be needed during the residency.

The Residency will run for 3–4 weeks from mid August to early September 2018. The details of these date are to be discussed between the host and the selected individual.

United Kingdom, London

Support Outline
£1000 including flight cost between Japan and UK and small expenses will be paid by AAUK. An initial payment on an Oyster Card for transport will be supplied and single accommodation in London, with breakfast and evening meal as well as the cost of studio usage in London.

Number of Residency

One person

Application deadline
31st March 2018. Saturday


Applications are assessed by Art Action UK and the selected award winner will be notified by email. Please accept that we may not be able to contact all the applicants by email due to the number of applications. Final notification will be posted online by the end of April 2018.

Art Action UK is committed to develop these vital discourses with artists, curators and audience.

Art in an age of Crisis

 2012年から国内外での反響を得てきたArt Action UKの第7回目の英国ロンドンでのアートレジデンシー・プログラムを実施します。





  • 東日本大震災とそれに続く福島第一原子力発電所の問題、その後の政治・社会問題と直接・間接的に関わりを持ち、問題意識を持って活動されているアーティスト/キュレーター/研究者
  • 現地にて、意見交換を積極的に行える人材
  • 基本的な英語での会話または、コミュニケーションや度量のある人材

  • 作品のジャンル・経歴・年齢・国籍・ジェンダーは問いません
  • 英検、TOEIC等の資格は必要ありません

  • 通訳、世話人はつきません
  • シンポジウム期間中のプレゼン等は、必要な場合には通訳をつけることが可能です


イギリス・ ロンドン


  • 往復の渡航費 、その他経費込みで1,000ポンド直接支給。
  • ロンドン交通機関割引カード(初期基本料金込み)
  • 一人分の宿泊
  • 宿泊先での朝夕の食事
  • アトリエ使用




ACGは非営利団体です。レジデンシーに対し、作品売買などの収益のコミッションを要請しません。ただし将来的により多くの人々がレジデンシーに参加できるような協力献金は歓迎いたします。今回のレジデンシー・プログラムを契機に作品売買やコミッションワークは発生した場合には、 その25%程度をレジデンシー・プログラムへの還元をご考慮いただきますようお願い申し上げます。





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Art Action (アートアクション)

ACG (アーツセンターグループ )

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