Komori and Seo are back for DeptfordX Festival

After a very successful residency project, Kmori & Seo have been invited back to London by Deptford X Festival. Komori & Seo, a young duo who won our 2014 Art Action Residency Award, returned to Rikuzen Takada where they have been working amongst victims of the 2011 Tsunami and Nuclear fallout. Their experience during the 2014 Art Action Residency has given them a renewed determination to continue with their method of research and have been archiving the forgotten aspect of the local population's stories.

They will be showcasing their new work, "Moving Mountain" which focuses on the paradox causued by the enormous effort to re-build the area affected by the Tsunami.


Film Installation 


St. Paul's Church Crypt, Deptford

27th and 28th Sept and

4th and 5th October


Artist Talk and Discussion event


Kaori Homma and Natsumi Seo


Deptford Lounge

30th September


Komori and Seo at the Lanch of Deptford X 2014

Komori and Seo's installation event at Deptford X

"Calling from the Waves" received a large number of visitors and very enthusiastic reception from the audience.

As a result, Komori and Seo are invited to the Deptford Festival in autumn along with Bob and Roberta Smith and Kaori Homma. Under the theme proposed by Bob and Roberta Smith, " Value of Art", Art Action UK will present Komori and Seo's new installation which working title is " Moving the mountain".